• Try it now and you feel that feeling.

    Enjoy with Frescobol!!!


What is Frescobol?

Frescobol can also play this game easily in open areas and parks as well as being a typical sports played on the beach. Frescobol does not include competitive and there is no winner or loser .
The main purpose of this game is to keep the ball in the air as long with acting partner . It can not be lost at Frescobol because everyone is winning against your opponent and vice versa are not a partner. The main theme of the Frescobol to be able to act together.

Frescobol is a partnership sport and you need to do your best in the game.

Healty life with Frescobol and enjoyable time…

Players may increase the dose and intensity of the match in the game as they want. The speed and acceleration results in body movement of the ball game, you can make a much more radical. At the end of a busy day playing Frescobol that you can burn 750calories per hour.

At the same time, arms, chest, back, running different muscle groups such as the hip, playing on the beach with an energy that will give the agility and strength that you will be playing a full workout. How you can create a long-term continuity of the game with your partner, this is an amazing adrenaline and will let you get pleasure from the game refreshment at a high level. At the end of the day this game will create a beautiful moment and win&win situation for both sides. You will get opportunity to have a nice friendships and partnerships in Frescobol as in any sport.

Enjoy with Frescobol!!!

The game it’s called! Try it now and you feel that feeling.

Frescobol is not a Beach Tennis!

Frescobol often confused with Beach Tennis, being a unifying its original style with sport and in this respect resemble the beach with competitive tennis. Similar to tennis, and even more in a designated area and has a net release.



Frescobol sports appeared in Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s after the II. World War (1945-46). Surfboard and furniture manufacturer with Lian Pontes de Carvalho, he developed the first racket and began using the Copacabana Beach.

Frescobol has become notorious and popular in a short time all around Rio de Janeiro. With the increasing number of people playing has led to conflict between going to the beach.
Therefore, the Copacabana Beach in the 1950s police has banned the construction of the sport and sports players have turned to the other shore. Since then, this sport has become widespread in South America and Brazil.

Frescobol around the world

In April 2003, in Brazil, “National Frescobol Official Rules” is determined and taken a major step in dealing with this professional sport. This document Frescobol sport is considered as an important element for unifying feature and Frescobol the evidence that has been ranked as the beach with a serious sport in Brazil. Since those days, the branches are arranged in many tournaments.

Some amateur and professional athletes and those who plays with visits to other countries are to ensure more widespread Frescobol sport. Therefore, the Frescobol sport in Europe (especially in Spain, Portugal and Italy), the recognition all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand and the United States is increasing.